About Us

About Capetune.com

Managed and owned by Capetune Limited, Retail & Marketing Professionals.

We are one of the leading suppliers GSM 4G Desk Office Home Phones & CCTV Security products in Europe. We stock the latest GSM 4G Desktop Phones and CCTV systems for Businesses and Homes. We have been in the business for over 15 years and we can provide you with the latest products to meet your business and home need. Our range of GSM 4G phones and CCTV systems vary in features. Please check our products for our wide range of telecommunication and security products.


Our Online Shop

Capetune has a range of ground breaking products that are easily available to our customers. Please check out our websites and our eBay store and Amazon Shop for our list of available products. Our list of products are sure to satisfy your needs. If you do not find what you want, please contact us and we will be happy to source out your dream product at very affordable price.


Why Capetune?

At Capetune, we put the customer first and we try to satisfy all our customers. We offer a 14 day replacement policy. We will make sure to resolve any problems you have with any of our products.

We offer companies and consumers a selection of solutions . Capetune is a full online retail company with dedicated internet business consultants and skilled designers to service all our internet business requirements.


Our History

Capetune is a UK company directed by an experienced executive team. We have been providing an array of retail services for consumers & companies since 2001. We have also been selling products online to a wide range of customers.

For manufacturers and producers, our areas of expertise lay in product marketing and we are happy to help move your products to a wider customer base. Contact us today for more information



Business and bulk buyers

We provide discount on bulk orders. We also offer repeat order discounts for companies. We can give you a great discount if you are a bulk buyer. The more you order from us, the better the discount we can give you. Please contact us if you a business intend to buy in bulk or resell any of our products and we can discourse the best discount we can offer you. Bulk orders are subject to availability of products.

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