iCustodian® iC5200MDVR Hybrid Mini HD DVR For Homes, Office & Cars

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Description iCustodian® iC5200MDVR Hybrid Mini HD DVR For Homes, Office & Cars

iCustodian® iC5200MDVR Hybrid Mobile Digital Video Recorder Mini smart DVR. 4 channel DVR For Homes, Office and Vehicles with password protection, Dual storage with up 512GB SD Card and USB Stick storage capability, SD Card housing key lock protection and Video Encryption.

Now Only £99 FOR iC5200MDVR .


The iCustodian® iC5200MDVR is one of our most advanced Mini CCTV Digital Video Recorders. With ability to save DATA to SD card with capacity of up to 512GB. This unit can also save DATA to USB memory stick of up to 512GB capacity. This DVR is very small in size and is ideal for use in any type of vehicle including Taxi's, private cars, Lorries, Trucks, Trams, Metro, Ambulance, Boats, Trains and more. This mini unit is also ideal for use at Home, Office, Shops, Farms, Warehouses, industries and more. The iCustodian® iC6200MDVR Mobile DVR is a mini RUGGED  for Digital Video Recorder systems that was built SPECIFICALLY for TRANSIT / TRANSPORTATION but it can also be used for other purposes like for home use, office, business, farms and outdoor use.

Produced with top quality components and able to withstand rough and rugged terrines. This Hybrid HD mobile digital video recorder has the ability to use both normal TVL Analog and AHD Digital CCTV cameras (Up to 960P). This unit can save DATA to SD card with capacity of up to 512GB. It can also save DATA to USB memory stick of up to 512GB capacity. so you can have up to a massive memory card storage in this unit. (We recommend using SD card only for storage) USB slot can also be used to connect a mouse, for upgrading the unit and for backing up your DATA. This unit is simply fantastic. We provide you with all cables and installation instructions with every unit purchased.


With amazing 64BIT video encryption, this unit is designed to use H.264 Dual Encryption technology unlike other units in the market that use only H.264. With this technology, you can only play the recorded files with our special Video player which we will provide you after purchaseEasy to install. Plug and play. No hard wiring required. We will send you a detailed picture instruction on how to install the unit on request. Built for all types of vehicles, home, Office, shops, farms, warehouses, industries and vehicles like cars, buses, taxis, trains, boats and more.

Connects up to 4 CCTV cameras and alarm system to it. This system combines the best MDVR technologies to give you a very simple yet powerful system. The iCustodian® iC5200MDVR one of the best mini hybrid MDVR's in the market. The system can record in the following formats: CIF, HD1 and D1 in all 4 channels.

Easy to install. We will send you a detailed picture instruction on how to install the unit with pictures of what cables go where. You can connects up to 4 CCTV cameras, 4 Mic's and alarm system to this unit. Super wide power supply that supports power of DC 8~36v so will work fine with any car battery type. For home and office use, we can supply 12V DV power plugs at axtra cost. Please contact us if you require 12V power plugs. 


APPLICATIONS:  Who can use this MDVR System?  

Suitable for all vehicle types including Cars, Buses, Lorries, Vans, Trucks, Long Vehicles, train and basically any kind of vehicle including mobile homes. Can also be used at Homes and Offices. Also ideal for Farms, Barns, outdoors and basically anywhere. Connect it to a 12V battery and it is ready to go. Easy to install with ready cables. We provide free 5 Meter cable for every CCTV camera bought from us. 



SD Card slots (Up-to 512GB SD cards) & USB slot.

Built-in G-Sensor

High-speed processor

Use Remote control and Mouse

Embedded Linux platform

H.264 Dual Video Compression/Decompression Encryption  

Four channel video & alarm input

Sensors can be set up

CIF, HD1 and D1 video formats

Motion detection & alarm;

Sensor detection & alarm; Can be set up for brake, over speed, door, draw back etc.

Panic button set & alarm enabled.

Dual anti-vibration


1 SD card & 1 USB memory Stick as storage

CE, FCC, RoHS and SGS Certifications



1. 4 channel SD card Mobile DVR

2. Support G-sensor, UPS function

3. Support PTZ remote control

4. Support real-time surveillance (Optional)

5. Supports Video overwrite recording (Loop system)

6. Supports backup and upgrade by SD card

7. Self-recovery after power reconnected

8. Stable aluminium alloy structure with shock absorber

9. All cameras are powered by the DVR: stable +12V-36v DC power supply.

10 High resolution recording, up to mega-pixel for 4 channel (1280x1024).

11 D1 resolution for each channel (PAL: 704x576 / NTSC: 720x480).      

12 Advanced H.264 Dual encryption High Profile technology for video compression

13 Data Storage: MAX support 1TB SD Card (512GB on each slot). External storage device is available

14 Motion detection / timer switch / sensor & alarm recording

15 Dual anti-vibration function.

16 Compact size, much easier for installation.

17 Power: DC+8V—+36V; the best voltage is around +12V-+24V.

18 Language: English, Chinese Simplified/Chinese.

19 Certification: CE FCC RoHS


We will provide you with a 12V cigarette lighter power plug for power from vehicles. We can also provide 12V DC power plug for connection of power from home or office at an extra cost. Easy to install with ready cables and now even easier to use with our new improved Graphic User Interface (GUI) menu.


Need Cameras for Vehicles? Please check our site, "icustodian" for cameras, screen and other accessories. Cables are also included so all you have to do is to fit it. We offer picture step by step installation instructions on how to setup your MDVR. Please contact us if you need and installer and will recommend some to you depending on your area.



What you get:

  • iCustodian® iC6200MDVR Digital Video Recorder with Single SD card slot
  • X 2 BNC to 4 PIN adapter Video Cables
  • User Manuals (User manual and installation instructions),
  • X1 BNC to 4 PIN Video Out Cable
  • X1 Car Cigarette Power Plug cables
  • Remote Control
  • Keys

NB. PLEASE contact us after purchase for download link to installation instructions and Playback software.

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